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  • Book cover of a small purple mouse sitting with Halloween Jack o Lanterns
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Studio Ferguson

Halloween Mouse

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Illustrated by Lisa Ferguson and written by the very talented author, Philip Roy, Halloween Mouse is the long-awaited fifth book in the Happy the Pocket Mouse picture book series.

What does Halloween mean to a mouse who has never celebrated it before? Imagine Happy’s fright when the next-door neighbour hangs a ghost on her house. Witness his displeasure at the thought of dressing up and walking door-to-door to beg for treats. (What a nuisance! What are “treats” anyway?) Then, observe the transition in the sweets-loving mouse when he learns that treats mean candy, his very favourite thing. Suddenly, Happy can’t get out the door fast enough! But his best human friend, John, needs a costume, and the only face paint they can find is shoe polish. How can Happy get John ready for trick-or-treating before the other kids take all the candy? And what sort of costume will the little mouse wear? And what happens if you eat too much candy? Join John and Happy for a fun-filled night as John introduces Happy to his very first Halloween.


Hard cover book printed in Canada on recycled/FSC- certified paper

Contains 30 fully coloured illustrations

Size: 23.5cm x 23.5cm.( 9.25”x9.25”).