I have moved….

Home, Studio

I believe that everyone needs to shake things up in their lives now and then to live life to the fullest.   Go out on a daring adventure, change something that is mundane, start something new….it keeps life exciting.  We have been trying to move out of the city for quite awhile now and we finally got the opportunity to go for it.   So, at the end of March, my husband and I packed up all our belongings into a five ton truck and moved out of the city and into a little house in the woods in beautiful South Frontenac, Ontario, Canada.  We are surrounded by nature, lakes and wild animals.  I will be growing my own fruit and vegetables, tapping the maple trees so I can make my own maple syrup and I might even try to keep bees.  And, of course, I plan on devoting all my time that is not spent on our home into my art.  I now have a bigger studio with large windows that let so much light in.  I am looking forward to the peace and quite, and the time to sit down to create something wonderful and magical.



View from my drawing table.

studio 1

Nice big windows with lots of light….

view 3

View from the nice big window….you can just barely see the lake past the trees slightly on the right.

fire pit

A nice spot for a bonfire.